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Pre-production is essential and crucial in the video production process. As a full-service production company, we provide work with our clients on every step of the way. This includes: scripting, storyboarding, casting actors, location finding, crew and kits and safety measures.



We have in house specialists to produce the videos, and also we have access to a wide range of international directors and film crews. We match your requirements and budget to the perfect crew and equipment, ranging from small camera operation setups to full crew production; shooting on Arri Alexa’s, Red Epics or Sony A7R.


Post production

With our solid pre-production strategy and production execution, we produce high quality, professional raw videos contents. During the post-production process, we edit the video in accordance with the scripts, music, colour grading, sound and visual effect. All of these elements are crafted and combined, as a result, the final video will match your brand, meet your objectives, and exceed your expectations.



"Creatilogic provided an outstanding video production service for us. We appreciate their team who can clearly understand our needs and create a series of high-quality videos according to our requirements. Thanks for doing a great job.  "


-----  Catherine, Head of China region- Sotheby’s International Realty United Kingdom

"I would like to say a big thank you for the dedication and attention to our needs which delivered a tremendous result. Creatilogic has a young, dynamic and professional team. Finding a trusted video production company that delivers an excellent result is often hard, Goldstone's would like to maintain a long term relationship with Creatilogic."   


-----  Dr Li. Director of Goldstone

"Creatilogic is one of the most creative production teams in the UK. They have extensive production experience in overseas shooting. Creatilogic understands film industry processes in both China and the UK, the communications were clear and efficient. In addition, they are also very professional in the production field which can guarantee to deliver high-quality content output. Creatilogic is a trustworthy team. Thanks for the good work.  "


-----  Geng Wang, Director of <Foreigners in China>, CCTV 4, China Central Television Station